Machining workshop (CNC and conventional)

Strong technical know-how in the area of traditional and numeric machining. We have the latest and effective production means to satisfy your needs.

Machining workshop has 7 CNC machine :

  • 1 NAKAMURA-TOME Ø 360 mm
  • 2 MORI SEIKI Ø 420/250/400 mm
  • 2 MORI SEIKI Ø 420/350/1100 mm
  • 2 INDEX ABC Ø 65/150/150 mm
  • 1 INDEX G300 Ø215/250/250 mm

Together with 2 conventional turning machines :

  • RAMO Ø600/450/1450 mm
  • CAZENEUVE Ø400/450/600 mm

Milling machine HURON (table de 1435 x 460 mm)

Drilling machine SERM CP40L (table de 635 x 255 mm)

For bar turning we have 2 bar suppliers with capacity of 3000mm and 2 others with capacity of 1000mm.

The tools are gauged with use of pre-adjustment table ZOLLER SMILE 420.

Some of the CNC machines are equipped with the integrated measuring arms.

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